The War I Was The United States Become A Super Power

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World War I was the war that shaped the future of the 20th century and is what helped make the United States become a super power. Since its Independence the United States had taken a stance of isolationism from conflicts in Europe and Asia. To further assert their stance on isolationism the United States passed the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 which stated that any attempt by a European nation to colonize or interfere with North and South American would be seen as an act of aggression. The United States isolationist stance would allow them to expand their borders and industrialize their country as well as their military. Neutrality and isolationism were essential after achieving our independence. George Washington issued his Proclamation of Neutrality in May 1793. George Washington proclamation stemmed from the fact that our country was to young and military to week, to get involved in any sort of engagement. The ended of the 19th century showed the quick industrialization of the United States both economically and militarily. With revolution stirring up in Cuba Theodore Roosevelt built up our navy and was key in the victory over Spain. With a booming economy and a strong army and navy the U.S. was beginning to make its mark as a world power. However, even after the Spanish American War 1898 the United States still remained isolationist but did trade with European nations as well as Latin America. During the 20th century the United States would finally make it self-known
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