The War II And The Vietnam War Essay

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A few years back while on vacation in Santo Domingo, I overheard a conversation between three American men who were sitting at a table behind me in a local restaurant. Their discussion peeked my interest because they were to talking about World War II and the Vietnam War, which happens to be a couple of my favorite topics of study, more specially they spoke on the foreign policies that dictated these wars. As their conversation progressed I discovered the names of these gentleman; George, Booker and Jack. George seemed to be the leader of the party, listening to him reminded me of a military general, he believed that America’s foreign policy should be to provide leadership throughout the world so it can maintain global stability. Booker’s opinion was different; his thoughts gave way to ideas of America working alongside other countries to resolve international problems and crises. Jack’s logic was unlike his friends, he believed that the United States should stop interfering in international affairs, reason being that the US is exploiting countries around the globe.
I sat at my table eavesdropping, on their discussion as it moved deeper into US foreign policy in regards to war. George bragged about how important the United States was to the rest of the world especially during WWII and if it had not been for America winning the war we all would be speaking German or Japanese. He believed that not only did America save the world from destruction but it also proved that
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