The War Of 1812 And The American Civil War

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Historians have debated for more than one hundred and fifty years about the depth at which the seeds of American disunion were planted before they finally sprouted in the spring of 1861. The Antebellum period of American history between The War of 1812 and The American Civil War was a time of tumultuous change for the United States. Captivated by the American Heroes who had achieved glorious victories over the British during the War of 1812; American settlers began to venture out into the Western Frontier. By the end of the 1830’s, for the first time Americans were able to measure the speed of travel and communication in days rather than weeks. They were able to earn wages in factories, rather than barter their crops for the necessities at the mercy of the market and the weather. While these changes were seen as the dawning of a new era of peace and prosperity for some, others saw them as an apocalyptic warning of the beginning of the end. Radical Reform groups such as Abolitionism that sprung up during the Second Great Awakening ignited a holy war over the question of slavery, a disease which had by the end of the War of 1812 taken root in every facet of American life.
The War of 1812 was a conflict resulting from the slow pace of transatlantic communication, warmongering political dogma of young United States congressman and egregious attacks on American Sovereignty by the British Royal Navy. The Napoleonic Wars had forced the United Kingdom to capture American merchant
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