The War Of 1812 And The British War Essay

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Introduction War of 1812 was a conflict between the United States of America forces and the British Empire. Because the British feared that trade with the United States was harmful for the battle with France, they ended up restricting trade between them. Additionally, the British forces feared that the United States’ forces wanted to set up an Indian State in the West in order to maintain a strong influence in the region. This explains why more than 10,000 Native American engaged in fighting on the British side in the war. Additionally, since Canada, back then, was a colony of the British, Canadians were allies of the British army. The paper discusses the War of 1812, its causes, war breakouts, mixed results for American forces and the impacts of the war on human, economical and political environment. In the 1812 war, it is believed that the United States of America took on the Great Britain who were considered to as the world’s greatest power, in a form of conflict that would seriously harm the country’s future. The British attempts to restrict the US trade are one of the causes of the war. In this aspect, the United States encountered a lot of sufferings in hands of the British, the American troops and the Canadians. The United States capital, Washington D.C, was burnt and destroyed in the year 1814 . However, with an attempt to boost national confidence and foster patriotism, the American troops succeeded in repulsing the Invasion of the British in New York, New Orleans

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