The War Of 1812 And The Civil War

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The Antebellum period is known as the period before the Civil War. However, it is described as the periods between the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The word e “antebellum,” means before the war, and “reform,” means the improvement of what is wrong. The Antebellum period made transportation more efficient for people who traveled. The Transportation Revolution provided several new, reliable, safe and cost-effective ways to travel to different parts of the nation, including new land in the west. The transportation Revolution changed America by new types of transportation, economic growth, expansion, and factory system growth. Roads and canals will shorten distances, effortless way to get somewhere, and facilitate commercial and personal communication. The first roads in America were developed by early settlers. “The National Road was the first highway built entirely with federal funds. The road was authorized by Congress in 1806 during the Jefferson Administration” (“The National Road” par. 1). The first 10 miles of roads were built. Wagons were slow and very difficult to use on dirt roads because of the weather. In 1811, the federal government opened the national road connecting Cumberland, Maryland to Ohio River. Road improvements may have made it possible for more people to live in a specific area, because access between that area and major job location centers is facilitated by the improved roads. Around 1821, there was around 4,000 turmpikes and private roads that

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