The War Of 1812 And The United States Army Essay

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The Army began its linage on June 14, 1775, when the Second Continental Congress created the Continental Army in order to combine the 13 American colonies and fight the British forces (). From then on out the United States Army has seen multiple wars from the War of 1812 to present wars today, and will continue to be one the many forces to protect the USA. Now over the years, the United States Army has had to shift the way it conducts its soldiers to fight in the wars and how to be proficient in battle; even with the new warfare tactics that our enemies are developing daily. Like any other unified team, how does the United States Army gain leverage against our enemies who look to seize the free world? Well like many teams they have offensive operations, which are to seek opportunities to gain leverage against their foes or even gain a win in the end and then they have defensive operations. Defensive operations are the opposite of offensive operations where instead of trying to take advantage of the enemy the Army’s forces are trying to take a stance and push the enemy back. Thus allowing a chance to defend the territory where the soldiers stand and hopefully allow the soldiers to regain their forces. So like many other military forces we have used these tactics for many of years to defend our great nation, but of course over the years are tactics have had to change in order to adapt to different wars. So in this paper you will learn the most current tactics that our Army
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