The War Of 1812 By Andrew Jackson

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From being a well-known war hero in the War of 1812 to becoming the 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson lived a marvelous life. His past life may have affected him greatly, but it never stopped him from moving to one role to another. In addition, Jackson had gone through great lengths to obtain his position and popularity as president. He was the first self-made man, who started from very low points in his life, who became president. Furthermore, he was well known for his casual temper tantrums and his short temperedness, though he was also known for representing the rights of the common man. If he had conflicts with certain groups, he would deliberately declare war on them with no second thoughts. Furthermore, he is the kind of man who would not deal with these conflicts so he would turn to violence. Because yes, violence is the answer to all problems. Andrew Jackson is a unique kind of fellow to learn about, and most people would only know him as a tough man who always leads things to violence. Some may have not known the many difficult obstacles that Andrew has faced in his life in which he had to surpass in order to have gone so far and be very successful. Also, all the things he has done has gained him a guaranteed spot for a guy to remember!
Andrew Jackson had a difficult childhood in which he went through many obstacles to become the famous hero he is known as today. Jackson’s parents, Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, and his brothers, Hugh and
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