The War Of 1812

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The build up to the War of 1812 began nearly a decade prior to the start of the military action. Jefferson and the Republican vision slashed spending and government all around, leaving the military depleted and operating on Jefferson 's “Gun Boat Diplomacy,” which meant America had just enough boats to protect American coasts but not enough to partake in any offshore activities. This left America vulnerable to the tactics employed by the British when combat resumed between England and France, and the US was involuntarily pulled into the dispute. Jefferson and the US adhered to strict isolationist policy regarding the conflict between England and France as Jefferson did not want to expand government and reverse the Republican simplicity he labored so hard to build. Regardless, the country was ill equipped to deal with war because of the aforementioned cuts in government. Initially, American 's profited from the neutral position because American merchant vessels were trading goods between France and the West Indies through adherence of Great Britain 's neutral goods rule, which basically allowed the US to ship goods from the West Indies into American ports and then off to France. Due to the wealth the US was making from this neutral trading, England decided to curb American profits, in fear the US would become economically independent. Great Britain harbored hopes that the US would eventually collapse and become part of England once again so they didn 't want the war to make

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