The War Of 1812

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6 November 2014
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1.Hartford Convention
New England Federalists met in Hartford Connecticut to confer about their grievances from the War of 1812. They were concerned by growing power of federal government, even though they wanted to start new from England, the majority wanted a moderate compromise. Discussed 3/5 compromise, Louisiana Purchase, Embargo of 1807.

Main cause of the war of 1812, where British ships took over american merchant ships and kidnapped merchants to join the British navy. America used this as the main reason to declare war for the War of 1812 because of nationalism and defense of their nation.

3.Second Great Awakening
Protestant revivalist
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Restored foreign relations with the US. Due to poor communication during this time, Andrew Jackson did not receive news of the end of the war until weeks after, so he waged war at the Battle of New Orleans and won. Even though this was a great win for the US, it didn’t mean anything since the war was over.

6.American System
The American system was formed by Henry Clay as a way to improve the economy and make agricultural profits rise. Used a high tariff to create revenue for the federal government while protecting American industries, maintenance of public land prices also increased federal revenue, formation of a national bank to form commerce, and creation of roads and canals to increase merchant revenues and decrease transportation cost which gives government federal revenue.
7.Henry Clay
Speaker of the House and Secretary of State, lost 3 presidential elections. War Hawk who favored war with Britain and was a major factor in the agreement to declare the War of 1812. He founded and dominated the Whig Party and was the frontrunner of the American system, advocating for an increase of tariffs to increase federal revenue along with improvement of infrastructure, and a strong national bank. Major part of finding a compromise for the Nullification Crisis and the slavery issue.

8.Missouri Compromise
Passed in 1820 and submitted by Henry Clay, the Missouri Compromise established which regions were slavery and
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