The War Of 1812

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1.Hartford Convention
New England Federalists met in Hartford Connecticut to confer about their grievances from the War of 1812. They were concerned by growing power of federal government, even though they wanted to start new from England, the majority wanted a moderate compromise. Discussed 3/5 compromise, Louisiana Purchase, Embargo of 1807.

Main cause of the war of 1812, where British ships took over american merchant ships and kidnapped merchants to join the British navy. America used this as the main reason to declare war for the War of 1812 because of nationalism and defense of their nation.

3.Second Great Awakening
Protestant revivalist movement in early 1800s. Reaction against the rise of deism, skepticism, and rationalism. Church membership greatly increased and strength of the church increased in social life.

4.Non-Intercourse Act, Macon’s Bill No.2
Thomas Jefferson replaced the Embargo Act with Non-intercourse Act by forbidding the trade between the US and Britain and France in order to harm the economies of foreign nations as a punishment for impressment. This ended up harming the US economy more because they had less resources for their exports. Macon’s Bill No.2 followed this law and revised the Non-Intercourse Act to further the plan of economic warfare, so if either country took over the other’s ships, then they had the right to stop trade with them.

5.Treaty of…

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