The War Of A War

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War occurs almost everywhere in the world and can be seen as a means of symbolism and patriotism. The Revolutionary War was fought in order to gain independence. That was the meaning behind that war. However, why do societies go to war, other than to fight for independence? Ever since the beginning of time war has been used as a means to invade another country and rid them of their resources. Whether it’s a war or just invasion, it is still a means of bombarding a country or society without any rights. Regardless of the invasion and the reason being, the people of the country being invaded are affected and so are the veterans invading the country. Most people tend to ignore the internal struggles veterans face post war. The civilians of a war zoned country are also majorly affected in ways many people fail to see because of the lack of media coverage. Most veterans returning from a war struggle from post traumatic stress disorder, individuals in societies are blind to the fact that these people are mentally unstable because of the experience they go through. Most people will salute a veteran because in America it is proper to respect those who served the country. These people aren’t aware that some of these individuals might not want to be reminded of their actions and some of them might not be entirely proud of what they did at war. The civilians are also very much ignored because no one cares about the amount of innocent lives taken every day. The negative impact war

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