The War Of American History

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Through history neighbor has been fighting neighbor over land. Some of the conflicts have gone down in history as the most violent or largest of them all. The study of war must include all aspects of the struggle, including historical, financial, and political ramifications, as well as the conflict. Insight into the strategy used by military troops, the rational of the military leaders, how the economy was affected, provide an understanding of society during that time. Wars are studied for years after they cease. Whether studying the causes, results, economic situation, the destruction and reconstruction, or a particular battle and how it might have turned the tide one way or another. The Civil War has been written about for decades. Even in the twenty first century, authors and historians continue to examine the deadliest war in American history and find approaches to bring new life and new information to the story. History is important to examine and talk about. To quote Winston Churchill, “History is written by the victors.” Truer words may never have been spoken. Civilizations are controlled by the victors in a conflict such as war. The allegiance of the writer can affect a fair amount of bias regarding the annals of history. At the core, the Civil War started at Fort Sumter, South Carolina because the Confederate States wanted to continue to keep slaves and the President, along with the Union States wanted to end slavery. The war lasted 4 years and ended when General
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