The War Of Equality : A War For Equality Essay

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A War for Equality
Women have served our nation for centuries, even before the United States was born. They are essential to the nation’s survival and have contributed with their talents, skills and courage. As of today, women account for 15.3% of all branches combined. As a consequence, allowing women to join the military has allowed all branches to meet the required personnel thus making an all-volunteer military rather than relying on the draft. In the last two decades, we have seen two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and women have played a vital part in the success from logistic, transportation, medical and other methods. In spite of that; women do not belong in combat, they lack the strength, their anatomy is different and most importantly, they will disrupt the cohesiveness of an infantry unit.
Late last year, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the decision to allow women to choose combat jobs such as; infantry, armor, reconnaissance and some special operation units. As a result, it opened 220,000 positions the United States armed forces that were formerly restricted to men only. Of course, this is only if they pass through basic training and the additional training needed for the occupation they’ve chosen. For women in the military, training and testing requirements are set lower than for men as the standards are modified. For instance, “Men between the ages of 22 and 26 must complete 75 push-ups and a two-mile run in less than 13 minutes along with 80
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