The War Of Every Man

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George Monbiot (1963) is an investigative journalist, ecologist and book Authors, he is also known for being a columnist for The Guardian, in which the text studied first appeared in October, 2014.

Monbiot declares that we are living in the Age of loneliness. We were social creatures from the start as he describes us as mammal bees that works together and depend entirely on each other. On the other hand, huge change appeared in our way of living. The age we are entering, in which we exist apart, is unlike any that has passed before.
Loneliness has become an epidemic among young adults and spared out in elders’ everyday life where social isolation has become a cause of early death because we cannot cope alone.
Our times have faced many structural transformations, mainly we developed a life denying ideology which enforces and celebrates our social isolation. The war of every man against every man is translated to a competition and an individualism that are the main religions of our time. Therefore, wealth and fame became the sole ambitions of our generation.
We no more talk about people, we rather call them individuals. We have also changed our language to reflect our loneliness, as the most common insult is “Loser”. Our conversations are mainly being personal in order to distinguish our self from the common mass. Loneliness gained a level in which people turn their televisions for consolation, helping them drive their competitive aspiration. However, as national incomes…
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