The War Of Independence And The American Revolution

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On April 19th 1775 “the shot heard ‘round the world” initiated the war for independence by the American colonists against the British. There were many reasons why the American Revolution came to be, but the two main reasons were for unjustified taxing acts against the colonists and to receive independence from their mother country England. In the Age of Revolution there were many wars taking place around the world and the American Revolution was one of them, the main objective of these wars was for the achievement of liberty. In this paper I will be talking about many subject matters that have to deal with the American Revolution such as the goals of this war, whether the colonists wanted to simply seek independence from their mother country or create a democratic nation, who benefitted from this war and who didn’t, and so much more, so sit back, relax, and get ready to go back in time as we discuss issues surrounding the war of independence between the colonists and the British. The American Revolution, which some could say was about money and respect. The two principle goals of the American Revolution were to make the American colonies a single and independent nation disconnected from Britain and their abusive leader King George III and the other was to make a democratic nation, however in the end the nation wasn’t really democratic since not everyone was guaranteed rights and not everyone in the end benefitted from the war. Hollitz stated, “For a reformed America they
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