The War Of Iraq And The Buildup Was A Press Success

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Generally speaking, the war in Iraq and the buildup was a press success. The U.S. went into the campaign with a majority vote, it then destroyed the country, while it led to the hanging of their then President Saddam Hussein. Even with no evidence to support that Iraq participated in 9/11 or had Weapons of Mass Destruction, this happened; for the press their role in promoting Iraq was a success. The shaping that took place was introduced when President George W. Bush announced that there was an, “Axil of Evil” and that the war on terror would continue after Afghanistan (Bennett 125). These comments, along with the build up to the Iraqi war, required some partnership with the press. One significant action that was coordinated with the press was that of the “pseudo-events” that occurred when the President landed in a carrier off the coast, in a full flight suit, then reciting the speech “Mission Accomplished” in 2003 (Bennett 133). This was successful coverage by the press, as it lured the public in with a Hollywood type of atmosphere, indicating that Iraq was a good thing and they got what they deserved. However, only a select few have experienced the task of stepping out into the dark and un-known for the safety and wellbeing of others; while those who set policies and orchestrate headlines, push papers. This was made possible by the initial launch of war in 2003 with the bombing of Bagdad (Hayes 1). As by now, the substantial press influence in promoting war had taken its

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