The War Of Japan And America

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The War of Japan and America This essay focuses on Japan’s attack on the United States’ naval headquarters at Pearl Harbor, adjacent to Honolulu, Hawaii. In particular, this article will discuss the strategic and tactic measures that were used. Surprisingly, in 1941, America faced a ghastly attacked by the Japanese fighter aircraft. Japanese fighter planes cleverly attacked the United States. Therefore, they believed that the probability of a successful war defeat relied completely on a surprise attack. Moreover, Japan had grown fed up with collaborating with the U.S because they desired to continue their expansion with Asia. On the other hand, Japan already had war with China for many of eons. However, the plan was straightforward of the attack on America’s naval base. Instead of embarking with the U.S. requirements, the Japanese blast off a shocker attack against America, as a result, to demolish the U.S naval control. In the words of Emily S. Rosenberg, “The Japanese naval officers, who planned the air raid that struck in 1941, hoped to cripple the U.S. Pacific fleet and cower the American government into seeking a negotiated peace that would leave Japan the dominant power in East Asia.” [1] (Emily S. Rosenberg, 360) Moreover, the Japanese destroyed the Pacific fleet so that Americans would not be able to fight back since Japan’s armed forces spread across the South Pacific. On December 7, after months of planning and practice, the Japanese launched their
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