The War Of North Carolina

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While trying to retrieve some nephews from a British prison ship, Andrew 's mother also fell ill and died. An orphan and a hardened veteran at the age of fifteen, Jackson drifted, taught school a little, and then read law in North Carolina. After admission to the bar in 1787, he accepted an offer to serve as public prosecutor in the new Meroe District of North Carolina, west of the mountains, with its seat at Nashville on the Cumberland River. Arriving in 1788, Jackson thrived in the new frontier town. He built a legal practice, entered into trading ventures, and began to acquire land and slaves. Jackson 's rise in Tennessee politics was meteoric, attesting to his strength of character. In quick succession, he was a delegate to the state constitutional convention in 1795, then Tennessee 's first congressman, then a senator. He resigned his Senate post after one year to take a job closer to home, as judge of Tennessee 's superior court. In 1802 he challenged Governor John Sevier for election as major general in command of the state militia. Jackson 's senior by more than twenty years, Sevier was a veteran of the Revolution and of many Indian campaigns, and the state 's leading politician. Jackson beat him for the generalship, but the aftermath brought the two men to a showdown in the streets of Knoxville, followed by preparations for a duel. Jackson resigned his army commission and was appointed governor of the new Florida Territory in 1821. He presided over the transfer of…

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