The War Of Sweetheart Circle Essay

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In the early morning of October 10, 2015, the Heffeweissen troops were forced to arrange and arm themselves in the most ill prepared manner. Heffeweissen, where few of the soldiers were from, was a poor nation with a benevolent ruler—Landgrave Frederick XXII. In his attempt to compensate the nation’s depleted treasury, Landgrave Frederick XXII rented out thousands of soldiers to other national militaries—one of which was under Solomon Rex of Britain. Under General Rex, the soldiers, or Heffians, arranged themselves in a military formation of about twenty men. Despite, their substantial amount of manpower to support General Rex’s loyalist cause, most—if not all—of them were untrained for war, were inexperienced with weapons, and—above all—were insufficient in battle strategies. The War of Sweetheart Circle ultimately initiated at 10:07 AM. In the preceding minutes of the war, the Heffeweissen troops loosely gathered themselves under huddles of enormous trees, proposing who would be leader and who would assume specific tasks. In the few minutes of controversy for leadership, the Heffians finally determined their leader; however, individual tasks were yet to be established. As time progressed, the Loyalist troops wearily advanced to their base, trudging their feet across muddied paths. Already, there was uncertainty plaguing the troops. Roaring echoes of thunder and pellets of rain immediately troubled the discouraged troops. Only a few soldiers were underdressed for the
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