The War Of Syria Is The Worst Human Crisis

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From several miles away, it appears to be a colorful fish, together with its tail and gills steering it in the water. However, looking closely at what appears to be a fish, you notice that it is not fish, it is a boat. A boat that is crowded with people, men with worried eyes and women carrying their babies, looking up with a begging eyes to be saved and welcomed. The war in Syria is the worst human crisis today. Half of the population in Syria either have been killed or forced to leave their homes. Syrian families are striving to survive in their towns in Syria, or finding a new home in other closer countries. Other families are risking their lives across the ocean to Europe, looking for acceptance and chances. Hot summers and cold…show more content…
The Syrian refugee crisis also has a big impact on European communities. Many Refugees are struggling with finding acceptance in these communities. The communities are struggling to feel safety among those refugees. Those communities are worried about who is living with them. There are problems because people in these communities are always worried about their kids and their lives. The communities are also impacted because there are many kids who made it to Greece are orphans and have lost their parents in the ocean. These communities are affected by an increase in number of orphans. The Syrian crisis had all began when the anti-government protesting started in March 2011, which was part of the Arab Spring. It started as a peaceful protesting, but then the government responded in violence. More than six years later, the war had taken the lives of over 550,000 people, half of them were just civilians. According to the United Nations, more than 6.1 million people are internally displaced. When you consider the Syrian refugees, more over half of the country’s population of 22 million is in need of urgent assistance, whether those people escaped to different countries or remain in Syria (Quick Facts: What You Need to Know about the Syria Crisis). The Situation in Syria is increasing to worsen when the outside parties decided to get involved and launch airstrikes in 2015. Each time bombing on syria grounds rises, an
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