The War Of The 1910 ' S

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The 1910’s were stressful for everyone - especially for soldiers. Warfare and weaponry was changing drastically right before their eyes on the smoke-infested battlefields of World War I. Little did they know, these advances would alter the way wars were fought for eternity. Fighting a never ending battle would be no more; countless lives lost for a never ending battle would be no more; old techniques used repetitively would be no more. As written in “Le Feu” by Henri Barbusse, a French soldier, "Two armies that fight each other is like one large army that commits suicide" (Immortal). This is saying that, instead of progress being made and minimal deaths, everyone just fights each other so they can all die with no one left alive - which is not helped with advances in weaponry and war tactics. Weapons used at the time were rapidly evolving to become machines which held death on a leash. Machine guns with rapid fire and a longer range, gas becoming poisonous, and tanks invented and improved hold some of the most significant impacts from weaponry in the First World War. Of all the weapons on the battlefields of World War I, machine guns were used the most and were also the deadliest. These Americanised guns were initially designed to be stationary for use in the trench warfare and needed 6 men to operate. At the beginning stages, these guns could fire around 450 rounds per minute, killing more men at a faster rate than any other weapon. The machine gun “played a decisive role”
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