The War Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War is known to most as the bloodiest war anyone has ever witnessed. It claimed the life of thousands of Americans and animosity that was built up over several years prior to it can be to blame. Most people think that slavery was the cause of this battle, and although slavery did play a part, it was not the main cause. The biggest roles played in the American Civil War were states’ rights, unfair bills, feelings of inferiority and threats to economy.

The tension started during the time that the north attempted to pass a tariff that the south saw as an abomination. The Tariff of 1828 was passed, many South Carolinians became angry because of the unfair high tax that they would have to pay and the lack of benefit it paid to the southern economy. Because of this, South Carolina nullified it. After many debates and threats received to leave the union, President Jackson had to pass a bill named, the Force Bill. This bill was written to force the South Carolinians to pay the tariff in order to fix the issue. The South did not like the idea. After this settled, the south was still left with issues. (Lecture, Twenty-Eight; “The Age of Jackson I”).

Even though slavery was not the main cause of the Civil War, it did play a very important role. With the rise of abolitionist, people who focused on the abolishment of slavery in the south, slaves were seen as a part of the economy and abolishment of slavery would be a major blow to the southern economy.
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