The War Of The American Civil War Essay

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When the American Civil War broke out amongst the divided entities that encumbered the United States during the 19th century an explosion of turmoil and struggle reigned free throughout the nation. Furthermore, with the strife of the Civil War came a barrage of changes that wracked much of the infant nation to its core. Traveling from end to end of the United States the effects of American Civil War became the precedent for the future of the nation. The war, for its influence on the people of the U.S, became a symbol for a turning point in American history. Cemented in that history is a conception of the war that has remained over the many years since its culmination. The idea that the Civil War was a war of rules and regulations and therefore is synonymous with the notion of battles being fought with troops lining either side of an open field and exchanging fire until one stood no more. Often this interpretation of the war is used to personify the idea of glorification of the ferocity of battles, paying homage to brave soldiers who fought in them, and telling of the birth of a refined nation through insurmountable suffering and evoke an attitude of awe towards the scale of conflict the Civil War provided. However there are some whose accounts allow us to look at the American Civil War in a different light, a light that paints a different picture of battles for those caught amongst the struggle but yet still envelop similar attitudes towards the war. This different style

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