The War Of The American Civil War Essay

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The American Civil war was the single bloodiest war fought on United States soil. It was a war to reunite a once great nation. One important aspect that historians now understand is the effect the war had on the women who were left behind especially in the South. They were forced by proximity to become part of the war. Women, in the South proved they were strong; they had their morals and were not afraid to speak their minds. They understood the war was necessary for the South and they helped the war effort any way they could. They especially proved they were just as loyal to the Confederate cause as Southern men. Within diaries from women who were on the home front we can get a great understanding of how their lives were affected by the Civil War. We can understand how the war drastically changed women’s life both physically and mentally. Understanding that women were not just bystanders during the Civil War, is the first part of explaining how the War affected them. Women were very smart and understood what was happening around them. These women were just as loyal to the cause as the men. Southern women displayed a variety of reactions to Union soldiers, ranging from curiosity to apathy to outright hostility. It is understood by historians such as; Ben Wiley, who explains the attitudes and animosity of southern women towards the union soldiers decreased over time not only because of increased interaction with the soldiers but also because of the women’s need to

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