The War Of The American Revolution Essay

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The United States of America was Britain’s crown jewel. The colonists were happy to be a part of the Empire and the British were making a profit from the trade; a win-win situation. But after the Seven Years War, it all shifted. The British were oppressing the colonists and the colonists were angry enough to revolt. The American Revolution was a major turning point in the First British Empire, which led to the British paying attention to the Pacific. What happened that turned the Americans from happy colonists to angry, revolting colonists? Taxes. The colonists felt so threatened by these taxes enacted by Parliament because their liberties and rights were infringed. This paper will discuss the acts and reforms the British initiated following the Seven Years War that led to the American Revolution. I will also discuss how the colonists’ rights were infringed by these reforms. The Seven Years War took place from 1756-1763 and it was a “global war,” meaning every major European power was involved.1 Europe was divided into two groups, the Kingdom of Great Britain and their alliances and the Kingdom of France and their alliances. The British were “protecting” the colonists from the French, since they were trying to take control of the land near the Ohio River. The British, technically, won the war but it came with a steep cost. The British spent a great deal of money during the war, the national debt rose from £74.6 million to £132.6 million! , so by the end of the war Britain
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