The War Of The American War

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In April of 1861 the bloodiest war that America had ever been involved in broke out between the states in the North, the Union, and the South, the Confederate States of America. This war was costly for each side in terms of man power, will and finances. In order to counteract the financial drain that the war was putting on the Confederacy’s economy the treasury began producing sheets of bonds that could be bought by the public and then sold back to the Confederate government at the end of the war for certain percentage gain. I am interested in researching these bonds because I have grown up seeing them in my house for as long as I can remember. My family has always had four prints of Confederate bonds hanging in our house. After having looked at these bonds for so long, I have noticed the intricacies that were put into the design of the bonds, hence why I am very eager to know how these bonds were made along with how the designs were put on the paper without modern printing technology. I have also noticed that entire bond had multiple coupons attached each worth a set amount and a interest rate, which has sparked my interest in how the bonds would be redeemed and for what amount. I have never really known much about these bonds except that they were used to help fund the Confederate army during the Civil War, and that as the war came to a close they were plagued by inflation. I feel that this will be a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge about this cultural

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