The War Of The American War

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Soon the Confederate States of America became a rebellion called the Confederacy that included 13 southern states. President Lincoln would not stand for this as his special message to congress on July 4, 1861 stated, “It was with the deepest regret that the Executive found the duty of employing the war-power, in defense of the government, forced upon him.” (Harris 2007) South Carolina firing on Fort Sumter was the opening salvo of the Civil War. Both the North and South believed in their causes, and both sides thought the war would be over after a few months. Both sides were wrong. Bloody battles such as, Antietam, Bull Run, and Shiloh made it clear that this war would drag on for a long time. The Union of the north was particularly frustrated by their inabi lity to defeat the confederates. It was during the third year of the conflict, that president Lincoln offered his emancipation proclamation, thus freeing all the slaves. This proclamation opened the door for abolitionists and equal rights groups of the North who had been pushing for arming freed Blacks to fight on the union side. Massachusetts Governor, John A. Andrews, became the first to call for African Americans to assemble as an actual fighting unit. Over 1000 men enlisted in the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. They came from mostly surrounding states, from runaway slaves and a few native Massachusetts blacks, whether they were a free or a runaway slave. With such a “never been tried’ endeavor, it was a total work

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