The War Of The Battle Of Waterloo On Sunday

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Good day 8E,
May I ask how many wars you know of? From the Battle of Waterloo on Sunday, 18 June 1815 to WW2, September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945, or maybe the ancient war when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332BC, war has outraged across the globe. What are your current beliefs about War? Is it a benefactor or a major problem, nature or manmade? I look to change your beliefs and enlighten you about reality. I am a human being, just like you so we view the mercilessness and blood loss caused due to war first but have we ever thought of the natural benefactor of it or is it a definite manmade problem? I ask all of you today, my friends, the future generation do you like war? I know your answer and we have it told to us every time. I question and we all need to question and use the grand minds God has given all of us. The chilling truth is that we made war hoping that it would help shape the future. We and the many researchers and thinkers have many reasons for our solid beliefs. Everyone me, you, we have seen the striking numbers. Millions have been murdered due to us, their own species. I know what you are thinking and just because the disease has not ripped our lives apart and taken the family who you loved; the friends you have had at your side does not mean that we have achieved our goals. I tell you today, tomorrow and whenever I must that our life is not righteous until we wipe the hideous virus from the face of the Earth for now
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