The War Of The Battlefield

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Wars existed in ancient time, and are still somewhere in the world. Questions like, how people fight, where it is, what is going on, and who wins last may catch curiosity of public. Therefore, journalism on battlefield is definitely important for both people who care about the war and military who want to build their images in society. In this essay, it will mainly focus on war news in modern times, and this would give a simple definition about what is embedded journalism, which will include general description of embedded journalists, such as what courses should they get, and how they collect information on warfare. Then it looks at a brief introduction about nowadays battlefield journalism. Furthermore it will be followed by a main way for war news broadcasting, and finally with a consequence of correspondents’ pressure, which is a controversial issue considered as a direct factor to leads to news value scarification.

the Embedded Journalism and Journalists
Journalism in the battlefield is now accepted widely as embedded journalism, and in “the March 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq coincided with the first broad implementation of an innovative means of wartime coverage: embedded press.” (Paul & Kim 2004; 22). Over 600 Correspondents were chosen worldwide and received battlefield training to live and travel with US. Troops (Brockus 2008; 1). Embedded news in the era of new media can be delivered immediately by modern technology, however, battlefield journalism in early times…
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