The War Of The Civil War

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The widespread violence that turned into the Civil War began with the election of 1860. Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860 without a single vote from the states below the Ohio River. South Carolina was the first state to respond to Lincoln’s election. On December 20, 1680, South Carolina seceded from the Union. South Carolina was the first of the “Original Seven” who seceded from the Union, including Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. This became known as “secession winter,” and these states decided to form the Confederate States of America. The American Civil War was four years of American bloodshed on American soil, but why? There is a common misconception that the Civil War was fought over slavery, but there were a variety of reasons as to why the war started. Ever since the declaration of America’s independence in 1776, the country was divided. The Civil War changed America because it brought the nation together, made the national government superior to the state governments, helped the United States become an industrialized nation, and began the journey of equality for African Americans. Inevitably, the Civil War brought the nation together because it was a part of how our nation was built. The war also ended the idea that states could secede. Northerners were “pro-Union” in the sense that they did not believe that the Southern states did not believe that the Southern states had a legitimate excuse for seceding. Lincoln’s administration
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