The War Of The Civil War

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Jada Hill
Mrs. Kent
8th English
30 January 2015
The Civil War
There are many facts most people generally do not know about the Civil War, so much research is needed to improve one’s knowledge about the Civil War. Authors such as: Robert G. Lambert, Rustle B. Olwell, and Kay A. Chick were all helpful in this research. Many people think that everyone on the Union side of the war believed that blacks should be equal to whites. Most people also think that everyone on the Confederate side of the war believed in slavery. Some people also have questions on what was the purpose of the Civil War. Those questions will be answer later on in this paper. Four historic points about the Civil War are, the Union, Confederacy, four main battles and the
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Harriet Tubman was another Union spy. She was a great help to the Union. During the wars she rescued black men that were enslaved to help fight in the Union army (Van Der Woude 34).
A Canadian abolitionist named Othman Ali Abbott, served in the Union Army. He and his family were really involved with stopping slavery and freeing the blacks (Hoffman 3). About 1,700 Union soldiers were admitted to a hospital for treatment. Sloan, U.S. Army General Hospital, was the second largest Union Army Hospital. This hospital was where most of the wounded went (Shepard 28).
Robert E. Lee was from Virginia and the confederate’s main general. Jefferson Davis, (President of the Confederate states) asked if he would be the leader of the Confederate army during the Civil war. Lee had a decision to make. He did not like slavery or the thought of the country splitting up; but he also did not want to go against his home state: Virginia. General Lee made up his mind to become the main general of the Confederate states. He could not go against Virginia.
Many people enlisted in the Confederate army because they thought that it was the best thing to do. Immigrants that had enlisted thought they could prove that they were equal to the Americans. Many people enlisted to the Confederate army and fought the Union because they wanted to defend their homeland.
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