The War Of The Cold War

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1945, beginning year of the Cold War. The development of cold war just started after the end of world War ||. The cold war was the result of conflict between two powerful country Soviet Union and United State. The war was regarding to the lead the world after the World War ||. The Soviet Union wanted to emerge its power to the world and so do the United States too. The research paper mainly focused on various reasons of opposition of two great power of the world Soviets and United States of America. The end of the cold war was resulted of which reasons are also discussed in the paper. The paper is also discuss about the New Deal of Roosevelt to recover and develop economy of America after World War |. However, the New Deal of Roosevelt was not that successful as he wanted too. The following paper mention all of the related events to the cold war.

As mention in the textbook, Give Me Liberty volume two, After World War |, United States was faced a great depression and passed through the great fall of economy. To recover economy of America President Roosevelt came up with the New Deal. The New Deal brings number of scope to recover economy of the United States. Roosevelt’s policies such as National Recovery Administration (NRA) the agency which was established to work with business leaders to set a standard for output, prices and working condition. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was created to give jobs to many unemployed who can improve national park and wildlife…

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