The War Of The Cold War

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As one war ends, another returns. After the end of World War II in 1945, a new conflict arose. Known as the Cold War, this conflict had threatened the globe for over 45 years. The Cold War put its two greatest powers-the Democratic United States and the Soviet Union- against each other. Each countries ' military power, scientific knowledge, and technology were put to the test in the Cold War. Even though there was few military wars, the Cold War still remains a mark on our history. The first action was performed by the Soviets. In Asia and Europe, the Soviet Union attempted to spread communism, which the Americans were strongly against. The tensions soon rose between the two powers. Soon, both countries realized that they were competing over almost everything.1 The Deadly Arms Race Both the Soviet Union and the United States began improving their military firepower. President Truman and Congress began encouraging the construction of atomic bombs. The Soviet Union began to do the same. Thus began a "deadly arms race"(DAR). The DAR led to the creation of atomic and hydrogen bombs. By the end of the DAR era, the United States possessed 1,900 nuclear arms and the Soviets owned 1,780.2 In 1949, the Soviet Union began testing an atomic bomb of their own. In response, President Eisenhower3 announced the United States would be building a bomb as well-the hydrogen bomb. Also known as the super bomb, this nuclear weapon can annihilate anything within its 40 mile radius. Any

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