The War Of The Cold War

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As one war ends, another returns. After the end of World War II in 1945, a new conflict arose. Known as the Cold War, this conflict had threatened the globe for over 45 years. The Cold War put its two greatest powers-the Democratic United States and the Soviet Union- against each other. Each countries ' military power, scientific knowledge, and technology were put to the test in the Cold War. Even though there was few military wars, the Cold War still remains a mark on our history.
The first action was performed by the Soviets. In Asia and Europe, the Soviet Union attempted to spread communism, which the Americans were strongly against. The tensions soon rose between the two powers. Soon, both countries realized that they were competing
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As a result, the stakes of the Cold War was extremely high. The first hydrogen bomb test was dropped on the Marshall Islands. It created a 25-square mile fireball that completely vaporized the island. Not only that, but the bomb also blew a 30-square mile in the ocean floor. This gave proof to both Americans and Soviets that hydrogen bombs had the power to destroy nearly half of the city of Manhattan.
As tests such as the one on the Marshall Islands continue, so does the increase of poisonous radioactive waste in our atmosphere. Realizing their mistakes, the DAR eventually came to a close. However, many entertainment films were widespread across both countries featured the horrid lands that the Earth would become if the DAR continued. Videogames were created, with the most recent one being Fallout 44.
The Red Scare
Also known as the Red Massacre (and Menace), the Red Scare is the time period in the 1950’s when communism spread to the United States, as well as throughout Europe and Asia. In the U.S., more than 80% of the states had favored communism. The term ‘red’ comes from the allegiance the Soviet Union has to their red flag.5
United States supporter of the communism, Joseph R. McCarthy, was Senator of Wisconsin during the time period of the Red Scare. He claimed to have a political set of ideas known as McCarthyism, which was soon realized to be entirely similar to
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