The War Of The Cold War

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Since the end of the Cold War, the total amount of wars has declined sharply compared to those that occurred during the cold war period. According to Baylis et al. the 1990’s were the least violent decade since the end of World War II. Along with the striking decline of wars, lie a new form of state cooperation, one which theorists call the Democratic Peace Theory. This theory holds that while democracies do go to war that they do not fight each other. In essence, in a region where all democratic countries exist, war will become nonexistent. However, along with the Democratic peace theory are other theories within the theory of Realism that pose great reasons for the causes of war. On the same note, we see new conflicts arising in the form of terrorism taking up the new image of wars. So despite the overall commendable decline of wars, wars continue to persevere in certain regions of the world where it is exhibiting new features. As a result, I agree with Joll’s argument that most wars have many intertwining causes especially in this day and era where most of the conflicts and all wars current are as a result of an ethnic clash often linking to religion. (Baylis et al. 2011).
These new features can be attributed to Globalization which has brought with it, the collapse of traditional cleavages such as class and ideology, as a result war has been induced by culture and identity clashes. According to Baylis et al. “globalization has weakened the national forms of identity that
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