The War Of The Cold War

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Army has been blamed for cruelty and abuse of power in diverse wars such as the Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. That is one the main reasons of why the terrorist cell “al-Qaeda” decided to punish “The Land of The Free” for the alleged atrocities committed by U.S. troops abroad. Lindsay Steenberg and Yvonne Tasker have stated that after World War II political spy thrillers became a massive hit on American television. Furthermore, authors Pablo Echart and Pablo Castillo mention that: “It is not a coincidence that political-spy thrillers peaked during the turbulence of the Cold War years and some of its more paranoid traits were later developed during the 1970s, when faith in democratic institutions and leaders in the United States wavered and even crumbled” (203). After the Cold War, the United States was considered to be the safest and most efficient democracy on earth, which served as an example to other foreign nations. Therefore, several individuals still not understand how something of this magnitude could occur in American soil. After that unforgettable September morning, several things were affected in the country including television. New and innovative programming emerged targeting the newly acquired enemy, which was responsible for the killing of thousands of innocents. Television markers took advantage of the situation by seeing a possibility to create original programming that would be extremely profitable. They realized that by

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