The War Of The Colonial Expansion

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Friedrich Fabri is in favor of the colonial expansion because he believes it will be quite beneficial for their economy and national development. His view on the motives for the imperialism is that it will be economic and political. Fabri states in his article, “Many things in the new nation are already made bitter through unproductive political quarreling, soured and poisoned, so that the notification of a new promising course of national development will produce a liberating effect, as the national spirit is stimulated in many ways. This would be delightful as well as a profit.” How I perceive this is that because of the debates between Europe and the other countries, the other countries became a mess and the ideas of Europe helping them on their feet was promising. This seems to be a trick as to get the countries to let Europe help them, but clearly it worked out for the better anyways. Fabri also mentions how England surpasses all other countries and how strong they are with their military. John G. Paton is in favor of this expansion and has written a letter to James Service to urge them to possess the New Hebrides. In this letter he states many reasons as to why they should take control of these islands. A few of these reasons are that they have already taken possession of Fiji and by possessing the rest would complete the chain of islands, they long for British protection and are afraid of the French, almost all the Europeans on the New Hebrides were British
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