The War Of The German Army Essay

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History is another valuable factor that provides essential lessons for powerful states to obviate the struggle to achieve political outcomes. However, some major powers, neglect history and tend to repeat it. For instance, Hitler committed the same mistake Napoleon did in 1812, by invading Russian territory without taking into consideration the devastating effects of the harsh weather and the vast territory on the endurance of the German Army. Similarly, the United States fail to learn the lessons the French took in Vietnam and Algeria that, despite qualitative military superiority in technology and weapons on one side, the opponent is able to prevail through superior intangibles ranging from leadership to morale. The United States discovered in Vietnam that no matter how large the sum of the more tangible economic and military capabilities in relation to an adversary, their utility is determined by the intangibles of strategic leadership and national will of the adversary. Indeed, ignoring history and its lessons will increase the possibility for the desired political outcomes to fail and increase the suffering of the powerful states during its quest to achieve its political goals. Furthermore, alliances and mutual support during the war present an obstacle in front of a powerful state to achieve political outcomes. In fact, the anguish of the United States forces in Vietnam was not only due to the powerful insurgency in that country, but also to the unlimited support of
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