The War Of The Great And Hannibal Barca

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War. Many wars have been fought throughout history for many underlying causes, such as nationalism, ideology, religion, and historical-ethnic conflict. And for every battle that has taken place there were soldiers and warriors who fought them, laying their life on the line to fight for their countries, families or rulers. Many wars are now fought by the countries formed military, but many are not aware that battles are fought by a new kind of warrior, private military companies (PMC) or better known as mercenary army’s.
A mercenary is traditionally defined as “a group or person who takes part in an armed conflict who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for private
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The book details the rise of Blackwater and the growth of security contracting, especially the role it has played in the Iraq war and the War on Terrorism, which Scahill tries to expose the conduct of Blackwater. With the introduction of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States government increased its support on using contractors to assist the military. While other PMCs are used by the government, Blackwater was the company that benefited the most, which has now secured $1 billion dollars in diplomatic security contracts from the government.
In the book, Scahill argues that the company’s rise is a consequence of the demobilization of the US military following the Cold War and its overextension in Iraq and Afghanistan. He continues by saying how Blackwater serves in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting top authority figures and enjoying immunity from the constraints and regulations on traditional armies. Scahill argues that Blackwater 's leadership was motivated by a right-wing Republican ideology, and that its founder, Erik Prince, has provided significant assistance in that setting. Scahill makes several key arguments in his book. He argues that Blackwater’s employees should face criminal charges for a variety of incidents
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