The War Of The Revolutionary War

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In battling the British in the Revolutionary War, the American rebels did just as the great French military and political leader, Napoleon Bonaparte advised, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. Though there were a great deal of missed opportunities and misguided actions taken by both sides of this war, none were as great as those by the ministers in London and British Generals Howe and Burgoyne. However, of these three, one held a great deal of responsibility for Britain’s failure to suppress the American rebels by 1777. This person was indeed, General Howe. General Howe is to blame for this failure because of all of the three listed, he was the most lethargic, the most eager to surrender, and the one who failed to support his comrades. Some may claim that is was General Burgoyne’s responsibility due to his famous loss at Saratoga, New York. However, as will be stated later, that failure will also ultimately fall at the hands of General Howe. While the ministers in London acted out of their desire for authority over the colonies with little knowledge of the situation in America, they are still not hold to most blame of the three. General Howe holds this title because as it is known, wars are rarely determined by a single event as they are won through the combined effect of a series of events. Before 1777, there were two main turning points in the War which led to this failure of defeat the Americans by this time. The first is the Battle of
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