The War Of The Soviet Union

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As World War II was coming to an end and the Ally armies were converging, two superpowers came to meet with one another on the outskirts of Berlin. With the momentum that the Red Army was making against Germany, many in the Allies believed that the Communists would continue to sweep across Europe. Although united against the greatest evil the world had ever known, both sides of the opposing economic theories viewed each other as the next enemy after the war. No war ever occurred between the Soviet Union and the United States, at least not one that was fought with soldiers. A war of espionage, alliances, and what this essay will focus on; propaganda. Propaganda was second nature to the Soviet Union, as from its insurrection the Soviet Union worked to convince its population and the world of how it’s system of economic governance was the better solution. This propaganda can take the form of any type of media, such as: pamphlets and flyers, radio and television, and film and animations or even word of mouth. It can be created to bolster one 's own goals, to discredit the goals of others, or a combination of both. As you will see in the following propaganda campaigns, it is common for pro-communist pieces to bolster its perception while damaging the beliefs of capitalism. Some propaganda may be truthful, however often a fact of such material is that hyperboles or straight-out lies are used to give your position the stronger claim. While in this essay I will not analyze the

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