The War Of The United States

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The war had been going on for over a 3 years now, and it seemed as if it had only just begun. It also seemed like the U.S. was inevitably going to lose. Their wasn’t really much on their side other than a history record. China on the other hand had 4 times the army size, and an extra billion people that could be forced to fight if need be. The only hope the U.S. had was to think faster, fight harder, and have some really magnificent, ingenious idea. Caleb Ramian just got done with his meeting at 4:30 this morning. He was walking back to his tent, and as always, all heads turned in awe towards him as he walked by.”Look its General Ramian!” shouted one of the soldiers. He was known as one of the best generals in history, all of history. He had fought in the U.S. Civil war a few years back, and led the union to an amazing victory, without him they would have undoubtedly lost. Caleb wasn’t a serious scary general either, he liked to joke and was even married and had 2 kids. The meeting he had that morning wasn’t really a meeting at all, but a chat with his wife and kids. He was usually a happy person, but not in these circumstances. Now Caleb had a real meeting, and it was very important. He walked into the large command tent, where only the highest ranking officers could be. He sat in his seat near the head of the table. “Let’s begin”. said Duncan, the master sergeant, or the head of the army. Duncan was very smart and intellectual, but had no real humorous side to him he
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