The War Of The Vietnam War

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Intervention in Vietnam. Second Analysis Paper
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Introduction The Vietnamese was very detrimental because several people died. Indeed, the Just War Wage Policies (JWPs) were famous with the Vietnam War of 1961-64. Critically, the JWPs might fail in certain war cases owing to several challenges such as terrorism, lethal weapons, and genocide issues, which render this policy ineffective. Therefore, it is important to re-think whether this policy was actually important in the Vietnam war, and through such an analysis, the scholars of history might be in a position to advise policy makers to either adopt or reject this war strategy. The Just Wage War Policy can be analyzed under different contexts. First, it is important to argue that the policy constitutes ‘jus ad bellum’, which justifies the underlying principles and reasons of taking the war advances.
Arguments for American intervention in Vietnam Scholars have presented various arguments in favor of the American intervention in Vietnam. For instance, Vietnam War started around 1960 when the United States government started to send troops in Vietnam. The war was between the United States and the North Vietnams to protect the South Vietnams from external invasion. In addition, at around 1969 when President Nixon was elected as the president of the United States and during his time they stated withdrawing from the war at around 1975. This did not go well and the North

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