The War Of The Vietnam War

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America has won the War of Independence, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, and are back-to-back winners of the World Wars. With the amount of victories made, Americans might try to process the question of who won the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War never had a declared victor. America got involved in the Vietnam War during the year of 1965. The United States first became involved in the war by financially supporting France in the first Indochina War. After that, Vietnam was separated from France’s control. South Vietnam and France were America’s allies. President Kennedy sent roughly 2,000 military advisors to South Vietnam for support. Soon, it became a much more preponderant number. The “Tet…show more content…
The American Army had an unfavorable impact while fighting in Vietnam. They were incompetent when it came to using the land. The forests, trees, and trails were all dissimilar to the American Army. The Viet Cong could easily move through it. The article “Guerilla Tactics: An Overview” states, “The vietcong were masters at moving though and blending into the local terrain.” The American Army could not blend and fight on the land they had around themselves. In Vietnam, there are many densely forested areas. In the United States, that is not a common land feature. The Americans did not know how to get through the land. The land was hard to adjust to, but so was climate. Fincher says, “The reporters noted how difficult it was for Americans to adjust to a climate so different from their own” (11). They had many problems trying to adjust. They did not realize how hot, humid, and rainy it was compared to the climates they were used to at home. The Viet Cong had the advantage of fighting on their own land. They used their land to further their tactics in Guerilla Warfare. They knew how to use the land, and that made themselves more powerful. An article states, “Several contingents, however, made their way to South Vietnamese jungles, cached their arms, and waited until conditions were suitable to wage a guerilla war” (Fincher 31). The Viet Cong used all advantages they could. The Viet Cong
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