The War Of The Vietnam War

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Another big difference in this war was that the Vietnam War was had more disapproval and was more expressive within the American public, unlike the Korean War. The ANITWAR MOVEMENT started in the 1960s this group was never enacted until this era. There was not a group like this in Vietnam, but there were many groups that opposed the war. The main object of these revolts was the American military presence in Indochina. The ANITWAR MOVEMENT caused an influence not only socially, but also in the realm of television, which indirectly had influence in the war as well. The television played a big role in how the influence of the ANITWAR MOVEMENT and how important it became for the era itself. The ANITWAR MOVEMENT truly had one of the most intense effects on the war and how it was viewed for the American public. For example, “it served as a network of communication through which people in one part of the country discovered that others elsewhere shared their feelings about the war, and saw how they could demonstrate those feelings publicly” (164). The ANITWAR MOVEMENT main concern was to convince the American public that the war should be stopped at all cost. Their message was being sent out through many television providers, which would reach the American public. Something interesting is that often times the “television coverage of Vietnam protest reflected, as well, the American fascination in the nineteen-sixties with young people, especially the young adults who served as

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