The War Of The Vietnam War

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Edward R. Murrow once said, “Anyone who isn 't confused really doesn 't understand the situation,” (Quotes About Vietnam War). The entire basis for the Vietnam War was to suppress communism. Citizens of the United States as a whole did not understand communism. Communism was a newer concept and had mainly been seen in reference to the Cold War with USSR. Often times with confusion comes anger. Many soldier were angry that they were sent to war, while others went out of curiosity. The story of Mary Anne Bell’s time in Vietnam is representative of the curious soldiers who volunteered for the Vietnam War.
When Mary Anne Bell arrives in Vietnam she is innocent and is, “just a kid,” (O’Brien 90). Rat also points out that Mary Anne is wearing a pink top and white culottes. (O’Brien 90). Pink is a combination of white and red. White symbolizes purity which depicts her innocence at the beginning of the story (The Meaning of Colors). The name Mary represents innocence (The Name of Mary). Mary is the name of the Virgin who gave birth to Jesus. Virginity represents purity. Red is both a symbol of strength, danger and passion (The Meaning of Colors). This depicts that Mary Anne had two separate paths to choose from. How to Read Literature Like a Professor states, “The real reason for a quest is always self-knowledge,” (Foster 3).
Mary Anne was able to explore both paths before choosing one path for her quest. At first Mary Anne is with Mark and her life is mostly quiet and innocent. She
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