The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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Gordon Gabriel
History 222: Final Paper
December 11, 2016 When I was choosing a topic for this paper I thought of many significant events within United States history during the time period we covered during the last few weeks, but there is one event that has always had my interest. That is the Vietnam War, more specifically not only the war overseas, but the war that was going on right here at home. For the remainder of my paper, I will be discussing about three major points relating to the Vietnam War. I will be talking about the life of an American solider fighting in Vietnam, the life of that soldier’s family, and the life of the average United States citizen. The life of an American soldier serving in Vietnam was unimaginable, on the battlefield and at home. In the early stages of the war, it was said that America would only be involved a short time. Solider suicide during the Vietnam era was at an all-time high . As I was doing research on the life of a Vietnam Solider I watched a documentary called “Vietnam: Homecoming”. During the Vietnam War, most of America wanted the war to end and was not happy with the American solider and the government. Due to America’s disapproval, American soldiers were not greeted with welcoming arms. This event that the documentary shows gives the Vietnam veteran the welcome they never got. The documentary interviews several Vietnam vets and many of their experiences, and things they had to say were all too similar.

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