The War Of The Vietnam War

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The largest counterargument for those who take Johnson as the one worst modern day presidents would be his failure in the Vietnam War. Admittedly, the war has ruined Johnson’s reputation. The Vietnam war started as the conflict between the South and the North Vietnamese. However the war has global ramifications. The North Vietnamese was lead by the Communist Party, and the South was led by a non-Communist regime. However, as a matter of fact, during that period of time, Vietnam War seemed to be necessary in against Communist party, and the Soviet Union. With belief in “domino theory”: when one country becomes communists then the surrounding countries will also fall under communists influence, stopping Vietnam from pursuing Communism seemed to be compulsory to Johnson’s administration. Johnson decided to fight the war for the good for America. The tragic ending was not expected. According to Graubard, “…Johnson’s aim was to save Asia in much the way that Truman, by his policies, had save Europe.”(457) Nevertheless, it remains questionable if it was Johnson started the war: “…he affirmed the Kennedy administration’s commitments” (FPLBJ) In continuing his predecessors determination in saving Asia, Johnson committed the greatest number of U.S. troops to Vietnam: “He quickly approved NSAM273, national security agency memorandum, on November 26,1963, which directed the U.S. government ‘to assist the people and the Government of South Vietnam to win their contest agains

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