The War Of The Vietnam War

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According to a lecture from POSC 458 - the Vietnam Wars, President Gerald R. Ford, perhaps not in any fault of his own, faced a fierce Congress who continued to reject funding the war in Vietnam. This is perhaps because of the Watergate scandal that essentially forced a president of the United States to resign the presidency for the first and thus far only time in the history of the United States. Perhaps, the United States Congress could no longer ignore the ever loud disapproval of the American electorate in their opposition to the Vietnam War. Regardless of the Congress’’ reasoning to stop funding the Vietnam War, which is their responsibility to do so, President Gerald Rudolph Ford was forced to declare the Vietnam War over. Ho Chi …show more content…
It is important to note here, France started invading Vietnam decades earlier than 1887 by taking cities away from Vietnam through treaties between the two countries after conflicts that France bests Vietnam on. 1887 is when France officially took over the entirety of Vietnam as its colony. Ho Chi Minh’s nationalistic tendencies may be limited to North Vietnam as supposed to what is now called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam because Ho Chi Minh neither was neutral or advocated for unity between the two Vietnams instead fighting against South Vietnam, the Unites States and its allies like The Republic of the Philippines. During the Vietnam War against the United States of America as well as its allies like The Republic of the Philippines; which lasted from 1955 to 1975, Ho Chi Minh did not support Vietnam as a united whole instead supporting the Communist North Vietnam against the non-Communist South Vietnam and its allies. During this twenty year period, which saw five United States presidents from Dwight David Eisenhower to Gerald R. Ford, Ho Chi Minh was with North Vietnam while the United States was with South Vietnam. The fact that Ho Chi Minh has chosen a side in a civil war in Vietnam may be defined as not being nationalist but again, South Vietnam and North Vietnam at this point were two nations with two ideologically different philosophies between the two. According

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