The War Of The World War I

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During the beginning and middle of World War II, there was a lot of political debate regarding the war. Leading political figures such as American President Harry S. Truman and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill were some of the most politically and socially persuasive figures during this time of the World War. Both Winston Churchill and Harry S. Truman use persuasive means to encourage the people of the United States to accept their decisions made to help in the war effort, as Churchill desperately desired Allied help on the war front, and he and Truman would have to convince the American public to stand behind such a commitment. To secure the Allied forces overtook by the Axis powers, Churchill and Truman teamed up to present…show more content…
Crime rates in Britain began to rise, and the black market began to thrive under this state of panic. Although the economy was mobilized during the World War, people were still in need of help (BBC News). Because of their dire need for aid, therefore, Prime Minister Winston Churchill determined it necessary to approach the United States for assistance When Harry S. Truman was elected president of the United States, he inherited the ongoing World War from President Franklin Roosevelt, who passed away and left the office to his Vice President on April 12, 1945. The United States had already been involved in the war for four years and Truman understood that the American people were tired of it, and its demands on their lifestyles and livelihoods. Therefore, Truman sought it necessary to create a bomb and drop it on Japan to end the war with the Japanese, who were the last remaining Axis powers posing a threat to the Allies. Truman, discouraged after an unsuccessful meeting at the Potsdam Conference with the two other national representatives, Winston Churchill and Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin, discussed future operations against Japan and a peace treaty to restore Europe, ultimately decided the dropping of “Little Boy” was necessary (Encyclopedia Britannica). Truman needed the support from the American people to order the dropping of the atomic bomb; therefore, he sought the American people’s trust as president and
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