The War Of The World War I

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On June 28th, 2015 the peace treaty that finished World War I was agreed upon by Germany and the Allies at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. The main three Allies showed their interest: British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French Premier George Clemenceau and US President Woodrow Wilson. The Great War had crushed Europe. Limitless territories of north-western Europe were diminished to almost nothing; French and Belgian towns and towns had vanished from the map without any trace of existence. The war destroyed Europeans male population. Both sides endured losses on a practically immeasurable scale. France had endured more than 1.4 million dead, and more than 4 million injured. Altogether, 8.5 million men had died.
Numerous voices at Versailles considered Germany a huge factor for the war, requiring the nation to be oppressed financially and militarily, rendered unequipped for future wars. Clemenceau was the most passionate of this perspective. Being from France, he needed to push Germany to the brink of collapse. He called for Germany to pay enormous amounts of money, known as reparations. Lloyd George knew about Britain 's longing for revenge, and openly guaranteed to “make Germany pay” (Lloyd George). Wilson felt that Germany ought to be punished in a way that would ensure Europe reuniting as opposed to other nations getting revenge. Despite the fact that the US open progressively to neutrality, Wilson required the formation of a global peacekeeping association.…

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