The War Of The World War II

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In the early parts of the twentieth century the world was turned upside down in the wakes of the deadliest war it had ever seen in 1914. For the first time, science was playing a large part in the makings of the war, with the invention poison gasses being thrown into the war field. And then, to make matters worse, in 1939, Germany invaded Poland to spark the second of the World Wars. Germany was on a seemingly unstoppable track to take over Europe, and countries such as France and England were always being caught in the middle of the violence by trying to help their allies involved. Because of these wars, the moral of England was something that many authors had the ability to represent and express through their writings. Even the post war…show more content…
His main message was to inspire people to, “… rage against the dying of the light.” Could possibly be directed towards the skeptics and doubters who still felt uneasy about the years to come following the war. Put in the words by Susan Hurn from, she states, “Thomas affirms the brief and precious nature of being alive and defines how life should be lived—with passion, with joy, and with an elevating purpose not to be betrayed through inaction.” This describes exactly what Thomas is trying to get across with his poem. In life, you are sometimes thrown out and left to figure things out on your own, and sometimes you may not have past experiences to back yourself up. This is when the human spirit is truly presented as what it truly is. Though some may say that the human spirit shrivels up and shows its true cowardly ways such as when faced with a very challenging task the first human response is to stop or give up; however, Thomas makes it quite clear that is not what the natural spirit is. It is not an easy task but when faced with hardships, people have to look places for inspiration, and when that inspiration is found, they can do whatever it is that they need to. Thomas does not want people to worry and does not want readers to feel the uneasiness of the world, but rather challenges them to embrace this uneasiness. When the people of a nation become worried, they need things to cling to. And in the
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